International Cooperation
15 Years of Great Cooperation between Wuhan University and the University of Lorraine
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“We have conquered the difficulties!”French Science Academician Stoltz reviewed the cooperation between Wuhan University and the University of Lorraine on the 15-year Anniversary of medicine education cooperation, as well as Sino-French Medicine Class Graduation Ceremony on Jun.21st.

It is reported Sino-French Class was launched in 2001, with 7-year schooling length. Major courses were taught by 10 French Professors, and hundreds of French professors had been here to teach the students. Students were selected to finish their clerkship in France Nancy Center Hospital. So far hundreds of students have had the opportunities to study there. Also, School of Medicine received 79 students from French universities including the University of Lorraine. 20 Ph.D.s have been cultivated in the Chinese-French Cooperation.

In the field of scientific research, there have been 13 Cooperation Subjects, and 90 essays were published. Wuhan University established a new subject----Tissue Engineering with the help of France, and so far 7 International Conferences were held.