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NAE Member Lectures on Metabolic Engineering
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On May 27th, Gregory Stephanopoulos, a member of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), gave a lecture on “Metabolic Engineering:Synthetic Chemistry of the 21st Century”.

He elaborated the origin and application of metabolic engineering with examples,such as its wide application and prospect in the treatment of diseases like AIDS and cancers and in the disposal of urban life garbages. He introduced that the originality of this field is embodied by the integration of molecular biotechnology and mathematical analysis, with which the organic ingredients can be recycled and concentrated at the largest extent during the process of garbage disposing. It helps solve environmental problems by reducing the greenhouse gas emission and achieves “non-toxic and environmental-friendly”garbage disposal by producing clean alternative energy, organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

After the lecture, Stephanopoulos had an interaction with students and answered their questions patiently.