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Papua Province India Minister of Human Resource visited Wuhan University School of Medicine
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On Dec. 17th, 2012, the minister of Human Resource Dr. Zakharias Giayof Papua Province in India visited Wuhan University School of Medicine, accompanied by assistant of minister Ms.Nathalia and board chairman of Indonesia Beijing School Mr.Samuel Wiyono. They visited Emergency Center of Zhongnan Hospital and the Clinical Skill Training Center of the Second Clinical Medicine School. Vice Dean of Wuhan University Academic Department Mr. Yu Xiangting, Vice Sectary General of the School of Medicine Ms. Deng Lanying, and Vice Dean of the School of Medicine Mr. Yu Baoping talked friendly with the Indonesian visitors and exchanged their opinions on finding International students’ training cooperation, exploring the best patterns to cultivate International students. The faulty from other schools also attended the meeting: Vice

Director Yu Yansong of the Department of Discipline Establishment and Scientific Management, Vice Director Zeng Zhi of the Teaching Office, Director Yu Feng of the Teaching Office in the Basic Medicine School, Vice Director Fan Jingyi of the Teaching Office in the Second Clinical School, and Director Chen Zhiqiao of the Teaching Office in the Second Clinical School and et..

It is reported that the government of Indonesia's Papua province subsidize out-standing high school graduates to study abroad every year, and they have selected 50 local students to study in Chinese universities, especially in medicine. (Translated by Wang Shiyao, Wu Xia)