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Passenger Saved by Students of Wuhan University School of Medicine
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On Jun. 4th pm., a passenger on bus 552 with sudden respiratory and cardiac arrest was saved by 5 postgraduate studetns from the Second Clinical School of Wuhan University School of Medicine. The story was covered in detail by many newspapers and websites.

French Expert Zhao Yan from Zhongnan Hospital Emergency Center said, when respiratory and cardiac arrest are sent to the hospital, only 5% of them can go out of the hospital alive because of not getting effective life supporting rescue before being sent to the hospital. He also mentioned after the breathing and heart beat stop for 6 minutes, the brain cell begin to die gradually. If the time lasts for 30 minutes, even the most talented doctor cannot save the patient. 5 students use what they learned in school to perform correctly and recover the patient’s circulation, saving the time for the first aid in the hospital. (Reported by the Second Clinical School, translated by Wang Shiyao, Wu Xia)