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11 Research Projects Approved by the National Steering Committee of Medical Graduate Education
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Recently, the National Steering Committee of Medical Graduate Education announced the results of the research project review in 2019. 11 research projects of MUSM were approved, including 1 Class A, 6 Class B, and 4 Class C subjects. Those projects involve training model reform, curriculum teaching system construction, teaching method reform, student professional quality cultivation, psychological education and career development of medical graduates.

It is reported that the research projects are intended to promote the academic exploration and exchange of medical colleges by integrating theory into practice, encourage the reform of medical graduate education, and enhance comprehensively the quality of graduate education. Since the launch of the project application in May this year, MUSM has attached great importance to it. The Graduate School and each department have actively organized. After individual application, college recommendation, and medical department evaluation, MUSM recommended 16 projects in total. After online blind review by experts, 11 research projects were approved finally.(translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia)