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Cooperation between Wuhan University and Harvard Medical School
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October 21st, Ajay Singh, Senior Associate Dean of Harvard Medical School, and his delegation visited our school and signed a cooperation agreement on the aspects of medical teacher-student exchange, graduate training, clinical and scientific research personnel training. Vice president Tang Qizhu signed the cooperation agreement with the School.

It is reported that during Tang’s visit in Harvard Medical School in September, a series of cooperation intentions has been reached. Since 2020, MUSM will send 30 people to participate in the talent training program of Harvard Medical School and 2 in the graduate training program. The scope of cooperation between the two sides includes (but no limited to) teacher training, clinical research, medical leadership and management, safety, quality, information and leadership, pediatrics, surgery, master of clinical research, master of medical quality and safety etc., to promote the medical research, innovation and internationalization of Wuhan University.

Tang Qizhu extended a warm welcome to Singh and the delegation. He introduced the advantages of Wuhan University and MUSM, and pointed out that Harvard Medical School, with a history of more than 200 years, ranks the first among the medical schools in United States and the world. The cooperation agreement will continue to enhance the influence of both sides, and will also vigorously promote Wuhan University to accelerate the construction of a world-class medical higher education.

Singh introduced the graduate training program of Harvard Medical School in detail. At present, the project only cooperates with the PLA General Hospital, Peking Union Medical College, Fudan University Medical College and other three medical institutions in China, and WHU is the fourth cooperative unit. Singh hopes to open more cooperation in doctor exchanges, teacher training, platform building and other aspects with MUSM through the cooperation opportunity of graduate education. 

Singh also made a report named “How to Publish an Article in the Journal with High Impact”. Professor Li Li, Chief Physician of the Kidney Department of Brigham Women's Hospital, made a report named “How to Become a Transformative Clinical Researcher”, and actively interacted with the teachers and students. 

Harvard Medical School, founded in 1782, is located in the Longwood Medical District of Boston, Massachusetts. It has 17 top affiliated hospitals and research institutions in the world, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deacon Medical Center, Brigham Women's Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, etc., providing world-class clinical treatment and medical education. Harvard Medical School has made great contributions to the development of human medicine, such as the invention and application of poliovirus vaccine, artificial ventilator, brain visual function mapping etc. (translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia)