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2019 Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students Held in MUSM
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July 8th, MUSM 2019 Summer Camp for Outstanding Students was opened, and over 500 college students from more than 40 universities across the country participated in the activity.

Tang Qizhu, Member of Party Standing Committee of WHU, Vice President of WHU, Dean and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of MUSM; Yu Xiangting, Executive Vice Dean of MUSM and the leaders of each college attended the meeting. Luo Tiehui, Vice Dean of MUSM presided over the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Tang Qizhu introduced the comprehensive strength of Wuhan University and the history of its School of Medicine. He said that MUSM has always laid its emphasis on cultivating innovative talents and hoped that in the future graduate students would make great achievements in a certain field by following the guidance of their tutors. Meanwhile, he encouraged students to continue to improve themselves to lay a solid foundation to become a doctor, a teacher, and even a master after graduation and wished the campers to have the most beautiful life in the most beautiful university.

Cai Lin, Professor of Second School of Clinical Medicine (Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University), made a speech, hoping that students here will become talented doctors with humanity in the future. Sui Shaowei, a student from Nanjing Normal University, gave a presentation as a representative of campers.

Through different activities such as academic lectures, introduction of enrollment policies, laboratory and ward visits and face-to-face discussions with tutors, the students will have a comprehensive learning about WHU and WUSM. At the same time, through written examinations, interviews and other forms of assessment of the campers, MUSM would select part of outstanding students as their future students. translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia