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Medical Summer Camp to Foster "New Force" for Healthy China Initiative
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July 21st, Renmin Hospital of WHU held the first medical summer camp activities: two excellent air rescue summer camps and a medical experience camp. Nearly 200 children and adolescents aged 6-15 years from Wuhan and the cities nearby received medical common sense and promised to be a "new force" for Healthy Chinese Initiative through this camp.

Nearly 200 campers of the first medical summer camp were selected by Renmin Hospital among more than 1000 applicants, which indicates that citizens crave for medical knowledge. Through “immersive” experience, this medical summer camp organized campers to visit the air rescue base, visit rescue helicopters, learn first-aid and eye-protection knowledge, and impersonate “small doctors” for medical experience and so on, making children enhance their health consciousness.

Summer vacation is a time of high incidence of accidental injuries among children. In this summer medical camp, medical staff in the pediatric and emergency departments of Renmin Hospital took turns to teach children and their parents the first-aid methods under extreme conditions such as heat stroke, near drowning, burns and scalds and so on.

Ms. Zhao, who took part in activities with her children, said that through such summer camp activities, children have learned a lot of interesting knowledge. It is hoped that such activities will be held more often and that children will have the opportunity to learn first-aid knowledge as well as have a better understanding of life.

Xiao Hongjun, Director of Renmin Hospital (Eastern District), said that the medical summer camp aims at enhancing the health awareness of the younger generation and helping them grasp basic skills and knowledge of health care at the early stage of their life.

It is reported that the summer camp will continue to be held in August. Renmin Hospital hopes to further demonstrate the commonweal nature of hospitals through such open days and experience activities, and plans to build it as a “medical education center for primary and secondary school students” in order to encourage more common people, especially youngsters, to participate in Healthy China Initiative. (translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia)