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255 Students of Sino-French Medical Class Graduated with Excellent Results
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Recently, Wuhan University held a special graduation ceremony for the graduates of Sino-French Medical Class, by inviting representatives of former graduates to share their experience and suggestions.

It is said that the cooperation between University of Lorraine and Wuhan University has a history of 22 years, with 25 to 30 students enrolled each year. Students begin to learn French in the second year of college, and French counterpart is responsible for 12 main courses in each grade. Then most of the students have an opportunity to study for at least one semester in University of Lorraine

255 students who graduated from Sino-China Medical Class with excellent results, among which all of them passed the national examinations for licensed doctors, 75% were employed in the third-class hospitals in the provincial capitals and 53% graduates continued further study in France after working at school.

Le Jiang, one of their professors said that students in Sino-China Medical Class have a tighter schedule of courses and greater learning pressure than other students. However, being exposed to multi-cultures, they are more likely to bring out their potentials and have a plan about their career and future earlier.

Professor J.F. Stoltz, Professor of University of Lorraine, also pointed out that the success of Sino-China Medical Class lies in the perseverance for 22 years of the two universities. (translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia)