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Medical Elites Attended 2019 Annual Conference of Chinese Endoscopist Association
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August 17 to18, sponsored by Chinese Medical Association, 2019 Annual Conference of Chinese Endoscopist Association was held in Wuhan. The meeting was hosted by Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Medical Association of Hubei Province and Wuhan Medical Association. This is the most authoritative and high-level academic conference in the field of basic research and clinical application of endoscopy in China.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Yanling, President of Chinese Medical Association, Honorary President of the Conference, said that endoscopic medicine in China has made rapid progress in recent years. As the home of endoscopists in China, the Branch of Endoscopists of Chinese Medical Association has done a lot of work in the field of constructing the endoscopist system, setting the standard of endoscopy quality and making the innovation of endoscopy technology. It is hoped that the branch can further strengthen the training of endoscopy physicians and better serve the patients throughout the country.

Tang Qizhu, Vice President of Wuhan University, pointed out that the birth of endoscopy technology is a revolution in the history of medical development and has epoch-making significance. It not only enables almost all internal organ diseases to be diagnosed by endoscopy, but also makes great changes in treatment—minimally invasive surgery.

Wang Xinghuan, President of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, said that in recent years, the branch has had fruitful results in the construction of the medical staff, standardized training of residents, improvement of the level of primary diagnosis and treatment, and promotion of standardization of medical institutions. As the first pilot base of standardized resident training and specialist training, Zhongnan Hospital not only benefits its medical staff, but also makes full use of the platform to help grass-roots medical staff and medical students.

The conference invited scholars and experts at home and abroad to give keynote speeches and reports on endoscopy, humanities and innovation, including Professor Jean-Francois Rey, Chairman of WEO of the World Endoscopic Organization; Professor Wang Xinghuan; Professor Bai Chong; Professor Duan Hua and so on.

The meeting had 16 special committees and 28 sub-venues, 595 reports in total. It also gave the first demonstration of standardized endoscopy training in China, which provided professional standardized training for hospitals and young physicians. (translated by Wang Dingying and Wu Xia)