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Wuhan University Held A Video Conference with McGill University to Share the Experience of Guaranteeing Labors' Returning to Work and Students' Going Back to Cchool
2020-06-15 09:49:08 来源: 点击数:

Author: Wu Xia

Translated by: Zhu Tong, Wu Xia

On June 5, an online video conference between Wuhan University and McGill University was successfully completed to share the experience of how to use nucleic acid detection to guarantee labors’ returning to work and students’ going back to school, and to discuss about the hospital management during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Scholars attending the meeting from McGill University included Dr. Timothy Evans, inaugural director and associate dean of the School of Population and Global Health and associate vice-principal (Global Policy and Innovation), Dr. Bergman Howard, assistant dean of International Affairs of Faculty of Medicine, and other experts of Neuroscience.

The representative experts from Wuhan University shared experience and exchanged idea over fighting against the coronavirus. They were Professor Zhao Yan, director of Emergency Center and deputy director of Zhongnan Hospital of WHU, Prof. Fan Jingyi, director of International Medical Education, Exchange and Cooperation Office, chief physician of Pediatrics Department, and Prof. Shen Bo, chief physician of the Department of Cardiology and head of Medical Department of Renmin Hospital.

Prof. Shen Bo made a presentation with the theme of adjusting management strategies according to the situation of coronavirus outbreak, illustrating how Renmin Hospital took different measures during the three stages of COVID-19 development. He specifically introduced some measures such as “treating patients in different ward sections”, “making hierarchical diagnosis of different kinds”, “dual-triage and double-buffering”, “three medical divisions and triple protections”, “upgrading the diagnosis and treatment model”, and “ensuring the medical quality and efficiency”. Owing to these effective measures, the medical needs in different periods could be satisfied, while nosocomial infections were greatly prevented.

Later, experts of Wuhan university explained in details to the questions that McGill University scholars were concerned about.

Dr. Timothy Evans appreciated that the affiliated hospitals of the Wuhan University have made significant work for others to learn from, such as preventing nosocomial infections, establishing Internet hospitals, and promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. He also expressed the hope of carrying out in-depth cooperation with Wuhan University in the aspects of medical talents cultivation, artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment, remote medical consultation, and distance education.



It is reported that since 2018 Wuhan university has established partnership with McGill University. The two universities have jointly set up the McGill University-Wuhan University Neuroscience Research Center and McGill University-Wuhan University General Medical Research Center. Presently, four Ph.D students of Wuhan University are exchanged at McGill University for scientific researches. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the summer lectures by McGill University professors will be conducted online this year.