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Epidemic Battle Express: Wuhan University held a teleconference with Mosul University to share the anti-coronavirus experience
2020-05-11 12:54:16 来源:武汉大学新闻网 点击数:

Author: Wu Xia

Translated by Zhu Tong, Wu Xia

On April 28th, an online video conference between Wuhan University and Mosul University was successfully held to share the experience in coronavirus diagnosis, testing and medical treatment, as well as its prevention and control in communities.

Fifty leaders and doctors from Mosul University attended the meeting, including Dr. Qusay Kamaladdin Al-Ahmedy, the university rector and member of COVID-19 health crisis committee, Dr. Muneer Salim Al-Badrani, rector assistant for Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Basil Mohammednather Saeed from ENT, dean of the College of Medicine. The representative leaders from Wuhan University are Prof. Tang Qizhu, vice president of WHU and Prof. Zhao Yan, director of Emergency Center and deputy director of Zhongnan Hospital of WHU.

Many experts from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University shared experience and exchanged ideas over the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19. They were Dr. Liang Ke, associate professor, deputy director of the Department of Infectious Disease, Dr. Zhou Fuxiang, chief physician of the Department of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, Dr. Cai Shuhan and Dr. Yang Xiao, both from the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Xia Yukun from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Liu Bing, associate chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, and Prof. Fan Jingyi, director of International Medical Education, Exchange and Cooperation Office, chief physician of Pediatrics Department.

At the teleconference, Prof. Tang Qizhu introduced that since the outbreak of COVID-19, Wuhan university has fully utilized its interdisciplinary advantages and the resources from its affiliated hospitals. In addition to providing clinical treatment on the front line, the faculties of Wuhan University have devoted to scientific researches to tackle critical medical problems to provide science and technology qualified for dealing with the pandemic. He also expected that the valuable experience can be shared and applied to work together in fighting against COVID-19.

Dr. Muneer Salim Al-Badrani expressed his gratitude to Wuhan University for its help. He pointed that all countries should unite to enhance cooperation during the global coronavirus outbreak and will win the pandemic battle.

Dr. Alya A. AlZobair, oncologist in Mosul oncology hospital of College of Medicine, once pursued her study in the School of Medicine of Wuhan University and finally obtained a doctoral degree in radiation and oncology. She is grateful to Wuhan University, her Alma Mater, for its support and help during Iraq’s difficult time of coronavirus outbreak and she hoped to have further cooperation with Wuhan University.


Then, experts of Wuhan University explained in details to the questions raised by the staff of Mosul University. The online meeting lasted for 130 minutes. Iraq medical counterparts highly appreciated the experts present for their pragmatic and rigorous attitude as well as objective and serious discussion. The two universities will continue exchanges ideas in the future.