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110th Birthday Memorial Ceremony of Prof. Zhu Held in Wuhan University School of Medicine
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May.22nd, Wuhan University held the 110th Birthday Memorial for the pioneer of medicine Prof. Zhu Yubi, remembering his groundbreaking contributions to the advanced education of medicine in Hubei province.

Sectary of Party Mr. Hanjin, Vice Sectary of Party Mr. Wang Chuanzhong, Vice President of Wuhan University Mr. Xie Hongxing, Prof. Zhu Yubi’s family member Academician Li Deren and his wife attended the memorial. Executive Vice President Ms. Feng Youmei hosted the meeting.

Prof. Zhu yubi(1903-1986), was born in Yichang Hubei, and got Doctor Degree in Germany University of Göttingen. He was the first Chinese with foot prints in the history of Germany medicine. In the year of 1934, he established the Hubei Medicine School and began to recruit students. He worked hard even in his elderly years and he was the first one to use Danggui injection to cure CHD, rheumatoid arthritis. (Translated by Wang Shiyao, Wu Xia)