International Cooperation
Academician STOLTZ from French Lorraine University visit Wuhan University School of Medicine.
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During Feb.28th to Mar.1st, Academician JF STOLTZ, Professor Gilbert FAURE and Ms. Claire FAURE from French Lorraine University School of Medicine (Former University of Nancy in France) paid a two-day visit to Wuhan University School of Medicine, Technology Officer from Consulate General of France in Wuhan Mr. BONDIOU also visited the school.
During the visit, Academician Stoltz met with Executive Vice President of Wuhan University Feng Youmei, Executive Vice Dean of School of Medicine YU Xiangting, Vice Sectary General Deng Lanying, Vice Dean Yu Baoping, Vice Dean Xiong Ying, Dean of Zhongnan Hospital Zhou Yunfeng and other faculty. Based on the reviews of what have been done, they had a profound discussion on “Regeneration Medicine Conference” ”8-year Chinese and French Cultivation Cooperation” “Residency Training” “Broaden Scientific Research Cooperation” and reached primary agreement.

Academician Stoltz said: “We hope to enhance the cooperation with Wuhan University School of Medicine, searching the fittest cultivation pattern of 8-year Chinese and French Class. It has been 16 years since the cooperation was established between Lorraine University School of Medicine and Wuhan University School of Medicine. We hope the cooperation results will be summarized on the Regeneration Conference, continuing the new chapter”.

In addition, Academician Stoltz held written exams and interviews for the students in Grade2007 and 2009, selecting the students who will be sent to France. After the interviews, he talked friendly with the students in order to know the feeling and need of students, and answer the questions patiently. He also encouraged the students to work hard continuously. (Reported by General Office Wu Xia, Huang Yanjun, translated by Wang Shiyao, Wu Xia)