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The 3rd Sino-American Medical Education Reformational Experimental Class Graduated
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At 9 o’clock in the morning on June 18th, the graduation commencement of the 3rd Sino-American Medical Education Reformational Experimental Class was held in WUSM. Feng Youmei, Executive President of Wuhan University and President of WUSM; Yu Xiangting, Administrative Vice Minister of WUSM; Xiong Ying, Vice Minister of WUSM; principals of Department of Undergraduate Education of Wuhan University, First School of Clinical Medicine of WUSM, Second School of Clinical Medicine of WUSM; teacher representatives; graduates of the Experimental Class; Families and friends of the graduates attended the commencement. Yu Xiangting hosted the commencement.
Feng Youmei summarized the cooperative medical education of the University of Chicago and Wuhan University: since the foundation of Sino-American Experimental Class in 2009, this was the 3rd class of graduation, the number of the graduates amounted to 138. What was important was that a brand-new system of courses and teaching evaluation had been built up and was getting more and more perfect and mature. Since 2014, the new curriculum was promoted through all the educational systems of clinical medicine. The reform became “popularization” instead of “experimentation”; the achievements of reform had benefited more students. Then Feng Youmei expected that the graduates would “respect life, advocate science, have mercy and moral, perfect the clinical skills” on their medical road in the future. Medical career was not only a noble career to protect life and health, but also a life with huge value and significance. Graduates should act with mind and heart to complete their mission.
In the end, teacher representatives awarded diplomas to the 42 graduates of Sino-American Medical Education Reformational Experimental Class.
The whole commencement was compact and with rich content. The University of Chicago sent a video of congratulation, encouraging students to cultivate innovation ability, clinical critical thinking and decision-making ability; they also expressed congratulation to the achievements of Sino-American Medical Education Reformative Project.
It is reported that since 2009, the number of students of Sino-American Medical Education Reformational Experimental Class has been nearly 350. The University of Chicago has sent 121 person-times of experts and professors to Wuhan to build courses, cultivate teachers and evaluate teaching for the experimental class. WUSM has sent 63 person-times of teachers and administrative staff to have advanced studies in the University of Chicago, 42 students came from America to Wuhan University to have internship and exchange studies.