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New Veterinary Computed Tomography (CT) Founded by Bill Gates Foundation Was Put into Service
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The Center for Animal Experiment has its new veterinary computed tomography (CT) put into service after two-day of installation and test – running and it is the very first veterinary CT especially for large animals in China.

Bill Gates Foundation and Areas are greatly impressed by and fully affirm the progress Lab-A3 has made regarding tuberculosis in recent years, which motivates them to purchase the equipment for the center. The newly bought CT enhances diagnostic accuracy and value,improves disease progression monitoring and extends the range of service forour Center. Also, the ultra-fast cone-beam image reconstruction andvisualization software named COBRA is installed and makes the scan rangecovering monkey, pig, dog, cat, rabbit and rat.

It is very useful in modern medical research including angiography, tumor model, enhancement in the tissue image and transgenic animal model researches.