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The 4th Graduation Ceremony of Sino-US Experimental Class was Held
2017-06-30 15:53:57

    On June 21, 46 bachelors from the fourth Sino-US medical education reform experimental class graduated.

    At the graduation ceremony held at WUSM, Feng Youmei, Executive Vice President of Wuhan University and President of WUSM delivered an earnest speech, sharing three medical-related scenarios, and introducing a medical skill different from the "surgery and drugs". At the same time, she encouraged graduates to inherit and carry forward the medical spirit of WUSM, and become qualified medical workers. The graduation ceremony was hosted by Yu Xiangting, Executive Vice President of WUSM.

    It is reported that the Sino-US experimental class has cultivated nearly 400 graduates since its establishment in 2009. Meanwhile, the University of Chicago and Wuhan University have explored a new curriculum system and teaching evaluation system in the medical education reform, which tends to be increasingly perfect and mature. In 2014, the new curriculum system was promoted to all clinical medical colleges. With an "experimental" reform turned into a "universal" one, a wider range of students benefited from the reform.

    Bader, Executive Director in Beijing Center of the University of Chicago; Jiang Ming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of WUSM; Wan Qi, Xiong Ying, Vice President of WUSM; Directors of undergraduate education department, school of basic medical sciences, the first clinical college, the second clinical college; teacher representatives, graduates from Sino-US experimental class, parents representatives attended the graduation ceremony. (Author: Wu Xia; Song Min)