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WHU Alumni Brought College Candidates Back to WHU
2017-06-30 15:52:25

    From June 12 to June 14, a group of high school graduates from Hubei Qichun High School visited Wuhan University just after the college entrance examination. The leading teacher of the tour is Xu Wu, the 2016 Outstanding Graduate of Wuhan University, who graduated from Clinical Medicine, the Second Clinical Medical College of WHU.

    During the three-day tour, a number of activities were arranged for those college candidates to help them know about campus life, including visiting the campus, sharing session of college life planning, round table discussion and mock interviews. At WUSM, students visited key departments of the hospital, experiencing doctors’ daily work, learning medical commonsense and first aid knowledge, participating in medical professional guidance and career planning courses.

    After the three-day tour, students were greatly impressed by the beautiful campus, magnificent library, advanced laboratories and high quality study conditions of WHU. Xu Wu said that he would like to help more rural students go to Wuhan University.

    It is reported that Xu Wu not only did well in schoolwork but also devoted himself to public welfare on school days, winning the "Top Ten Figures touching WHU", "Star of Wuhan University" honorary titles. After graduation, Xu Wu chose to start a business on the basic education in his hometown. (Author: Wu Xia; Song Min)