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The 20th Anniversary of Wuhan University and University of Lorraine’s Medical Cooperation
2017-06-23 15:37:30

    On June 16, the 20th anniversary commemorative ceremony of Wuhan University and University of Lorraine’s medical cooperation and academic seminar was held in WUSM. Philippe MARTINET, Consulate General of the French Consulate in Wuhan, experts and scholars from the University of Lorraine School of Medicine, Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, Feng Youmei, Executive President of Wuhan University and President of WUSM, directors of relevant departments and over 100 teachers and students from Sino –France class attended the ceremony.

    At the meeting, Dou Xiankang remarked that Wuhan University and University of Lorraine have cooperated in the field of medicine for 20 years, during which the two sides jointly set up a borderless laboratory; the France side helped Wuhan University set up a new discipline - biomedical engineering; the two jointly organized nine international conferences ... this kind of international cooperation greatly promoted the level of medical research and international status of WUSM.

    In addition, in 2001, the two sides jointly founded the seven-year Sino-French experimental class of clinical medicine, training nearly 200 people over 9 years. Most of graduates from the class currently work in China’s AAA-class hospitals; some students continue to study in France. Feng Youmei said at the meeting, “With the initiative ‘one belt one road’ carried out, we hope that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, especially in the standardization of resident physician’s training, joint training of doctoral students, research laboratory construction and medical technology exchange.”

    Teachers and students benefited the most from the project. Since September 2003, the exchange visits between the two universities have reached over 500. In terms of academic achievements, the borderless laboratory established by the two universities jointly undertook 17 national and regional research projects, and jointly published more than 120 academic papers.(Author: Wu Xia; Song Min))